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Your Senior’s Feet Need Tender Love and Care, Too!


Clean, healthy feet help us live and perform our day-to-day lives. No matter what age, ensuring the wellness of our feet guarantees a full and productive day ahead. However, when it comes to aging, we can never escape the fact that some seniors find it challenging to clean and maintain their feet. Because of this, senior feet may become dry, flaky, and prone to ingrown nails and infections.

Help your senior avoid this problem! At Rising Star Personal Care Home, we have on-site visiting podiatrists who help with identifying the warning signs of unhealthy feet and make immediate action to prevent severe outcomes.

Our care team can help with soaking your senior’s feet in warm, soapy water to remove dead skin and dirt build-up. We can also help with trimming nails and scrubbing dry, flaky skin to reveal soft, healthy soles and toes. At our assisted living homes, we value the importance of holistic wellness, from head to feet.

Proper foot care should not stay within the walls of our personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia. It should also be performed at home. Make sure to regularly trim their nails into a straight cut. If there is a presence of ingrown nails that you cannot remove, make sure to consult a podiatrist immediately.

Proper foot care also means letting your senior wear comfy shoes that fit them right. Good shoes should have a good grip to prevent slips, trips, and falls. They must also have comfortable cushioning to prevent sores and help your senior with mobility.

If you are on the lookout for a professional personal care home, we are the home to call. We also offer medication assistance in Georgia as part of providing our residents with personalized care.

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