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Adult Day Care

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Your Senior’s Feet Need Tender Love and Care, Too!

Clean, healthy feet help us live and perform our day-to-day lives. No matter what age, ensuring the wellness of our feet guarantees a full and productive day ahead. However, when it comes to aging, we can never escape the fact that some seniors find it challenging to clean and maintain their feet. Because of this, … Continue reading

Proper Dental Care for Seniors

Due to advancing age, our elderly loved ones are more at risk for oral health problems. Some of these are gum disease, tooth loss, dry mouth, or darkened teeth. As a provider of personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia, we recommend the following tips to help our seniors properly maintain their good dental health: … Continue reading

Living Young Despite Old Age

Who says elders can’t live youthful in their golden years? They most certainly can! Just because you are getting older does not mean you can’t do it with style. With the ongoing assistance of family and assisted living homes, your elderly may always age in place. Life enjoyment is a key component of good aging. … Continue reading

Nutrition for Seniors with Kidney Disease

Our kidneys are in charge of filtering blood, producing hormones, balancing minerals, and removing waste through urine. When the kidneys become damaged, fluid can build up inside your body and waste can accumulate in the blood. Luckily, the combination of eating right and some from Assisted Living Homes can keep you safe from medical complications. … Continue reading

Family Members and Adult Day Care: A Win-Win

The services of an adult day care are not limited to the seniors alone. Assisted living homes can also be very beneficial to the seniors’ family members. In the said facility, the seniors will have the option to stay in the facility for only a fixed time during the day. It is beneficial to them … Continue reading

Things to Know About Respite Care

You can notice the skills and performance of your elderly loved ones if they need care services. When you have a family caregiver that comes from a personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia, you can get the help suited for their daily routine. Even if your family member is injured, elderly, or recuperating from … Continue reading